Monday, October 31, 2011

Teen Angels

First there was the search for the had to be silver and somewhat celestial.
Then came the paint smattering and glitter throwing - covering the dresses with a galaxy of tiny stars.
A tub of Rit Dye to color the sneakers midnight blue and then a spray of sparkles.
The driveway after a day or creating.
And finally, the costumes were donned - glittery dresses, cut short at the last minute, silver garland as headbands, and the eyes. Yes, the eyes.... which took the majority of time! Every last star had to be placed perfectly to complete the perfect teen angel or galaxy girl or celestial goddess....take your pick!
Happy Halloween...hope you had fun creating a costume or two!


Nilda Cook said...


somepinkflowers said...


as much fun
to make as to wear,
i am betting...


{{ a good lesson
on enjoying Life
i might add...}

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What fun! I just love their enthusiasm and creativity.

Lynda said...

How fantastic!! The sparkle and shine wasn't just on the outfits. The Galaxy Girls are quite something.

Cuzzin Kathi said...

I'd like a close-up of those eyes.

Anonymous said...

love the look. btw, where'd the dresses come from? it might meet dd's criteria for a modest prom dress.