Sunday, April 27, 2008

Notions Armoire

When we first started French General, a strapping, young boy walked into our shop on Crosby Street and told us we should sell armoires full of old notions, fabrics and trims. We laughed and shooed him out of the shop - he kept coming back and used to make us laugh till our sides split. We have become friends with this young (?) boy and have come to love him deeply and in fact, I don't think his idea of selling an armoire full of notions is so absurd....the more I think about it...the more I like it! We could the fill the shelves with old French tickings and trim and beads and buttons, a linen sheet or two and maybe even some feathers, millinery and chenille. The armoire will come complete with everything you ever wanted for your own curiosity cabinet!

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Anonymous said...

Kaari--A dear friend discovered your blog and tuned me in. I love it! (I started one VERY recently). I would buy that armoire filled with your delicious notions in a heartbeat--NO ONE has the collection of fabulous French Fabrics like you/FG! PS-you made the most amazing dog pillow for my "girls" and I just recently picked it up from John--they love it almost as much as I do--thank you! Best-Kathy Delgado