Friday, April 25, 2008

Flower Making

Today I received three big boxes -- all from New York millinery suppliers. The boxes just kept coming - funny how they all arrived on the same day. By the time I had opened up all three boxes I realized I had the makings to create flowers and I made flower making kits - complete with silk petals, stamens and mica.

So here's how you make these beautiful flowers:
Take six individual petals and layer them together, gently stitching them together in the center - lining up the center hole for the stamens. Take a bunch (4-6) of the two-headed stamens and fold them over and make a very stiff needle out of the the stem of the stamen.  Gently thread the stamens through the center of the flowers and then wrap with floral tape to keep in place. Mess around with the petals to rough them up and even fray the edges a bit.  Gently spray the flower with a simple spray glue and then dust with mica flakes for a bit of patina.  
I know this might all sound a bit daunting - so I will have these lovely flower making kits on-line at French General soon - attach a pin back and wear these florals on a jacket or place on top of a gift - either way they announce that Spring is finally here!


molly said...

you lucky!!! i want three big boxes of flower makings! craft nite tonite, can you make it??

Vintage Engagement Rings said...

Hey !! You are Lucky one. I am feeling envy from you. I also need same flower making boxes. I would like to make some earrings with the help of it.