Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hollywood Today

I love Hollywood and the old glamour that goes along with it. Lately though, I have been a little sad to see the agressive development that is happening all around me. Our little workshop is located in a parking lot kitty corner to the Pantages Theatre. This morning there was a huge fire at the nightclub on the corner of Hollywood and Vine - and two days ago there was a terrible fire at one of my favorite little restaurants, Off Vine. What is happening? Isn't it funny that with modern progress and development comes the realization that what we loved in the first place doesn't really fit the bill anymore? Well, let's see.....we still have Musso and Franks - where you can sit in a red-leather booth and watch the front door waiting for Jimmy Stewart to walk in. The Frolic Room is still with us - sandwiched a couple of doors down from the Pantages. Speaking of theatre's we still have the Henry Fonda - re-named The Music Box....that's a little funny, but at least they just decided to call it something different instead of getting rid of it. Couldn't they have done the same thing with the Palladium? That's right, the Palladium is coming down as we speak. Jackie Cohn used to dance there in the sixties. Everyone used to dance there in the eighties.

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