Thursday, May 29, 2008

Glass Blowing in Williamsburg

My friend, Sue Etkin is an artist, glass designer and blower. With her husband, Brenden, they create beautiful, light-filled installations for hotels and private residences around the world. I went and visited their studio in Williamsburg while in New York.
Located in an old brick mill - complete with smokestacks - I took the open air elevator up to the fourth floor. Inside the studio are hand blown glass orbs of every shape and size.  Sketches of proposed projects as well as projects they have worked on over the years hang on the walls.
 Prototypes hang from the ceiling and the tables are covered with glass bubbles.  I was so excited to finally see their craft - I feel like I have been talking with them about their art for years - but had never seen the process of their work.  Sue worked for Andy Warhol for eight years - so there is a sense of classic New York art energy around her, Brenden and their loft on Greene Street. I am so lucky to have them as friends, just as Sofia was so lucky to have their daughter Celia as her best friend.  Read more about Celia's inspiration here.


Kathy said...

The link to their daughter is inspiring ...and made me cry. How touching. Bless her soul.

molly said...

you captured them perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!!
just found your blog, I have been your fan for a while now, totally love your sense of style and your work, will visit your blog often!!!
It is so nice to meet people online who are creative and so dedicated to their true passion as you are!!

Talk to you soon!!