Thursday, May 01, 2008

l'amour de Paris

Here's one of our new charm kits - filled with old charms and souvenirs from Paris. If you have never tried one of our kits - this is a great one to start with - there's no wire wrapping, just gluing cabachons down to their respective fitting bezels and linking on with jump rings. Our jewelry kits include everything you need to make a necklace or bracelet - but they are limited since all of the materials we work with are vintage. If you ever spent a summer in Paris or dreamed of getting lost in the city of lights - l'amour de Paris kit is for you. This jewelry kit and a handful of souvenirs de Paris will be available on throughout the month of May.  Vive la France!

1 comment:

Vie Chaotique said...

Hello - it seems most of your findings are brass. Do any of your kits ever feature silver findings?