Monday, May 05, 2008

Mexican Jumping Beans

The oldest area of Los Angeles is located downtown, "La Placita Olvera" across the street from Union Station. Olivera Street was converted to a colorful Mexican marketplace in 1930, although built in 1911 and originally called Sonora Town. Olivera Street has many treasures, including Avila Adobe, the oldest existing home in the city; La Golondria - known as the first restaurant in the city to serve authentic Mexican food and probably the best margaritas; huaraches, handmade Mexican leather sandals; brightly colored crepe paper flowers, and my favorite: Mexican jumping beans!
As kids, we used to visit Tijuana and pick up these shoes, flowers and beans - my dad was buying his own to 2 bottles of course! Nowadays, I take Sofia down to Olivera Street where she always finds a beautiful hand-embroidered Puebla dress and I find plenty of colorful souvenirs that remind me of my families' escapades to Mexico. Hitomale!