Friday, May 09, 2008

Sailor's Song

When my mom was pregnant with me, my dad and her took a scenic trip through the Norwegian fjords. While on holiday, they heard a song, yes, a sailor's song, called Kari Waits for Me. The "me" is the sailor who is out at sea - while Kari (his gal) is waiting patiently for him back home.  Written for the 1958 cinemiracle-documentary Windjammer, this record immediately became a part of my families' record collection.  Growing up, I would listen to the song over and over all the while imagining I was the girl on the cover - the one on the right looked just like me - at least from the back of her head!  Not everyone has a song written about them, but for those of us that do - it's pretty special...even if it is a sailor's song!


Christina said...

What a great story and album cover! An old boyfriend used to sing me the Nick Cave song 'Christina the Astonishing' which I always loved, even though it's sort of a morbid song.

Kathy said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kaari--- A beautiful woman with such beautiful talents!

Love the story. I had a song my dad used to sing to me "Kathy's my Girl"....but what followed me while growing up was the Chatty Cathy doll.( I'd MUCH prefer a song! hahah).
Have a terrific Mom's Weekend.
Enjoying the blog!
Kathy Delgado