Thursday, May 08, 2008


I love old, French monograms - hand-stitched on old hemp sheets or embroidered onto an old convent nightie - any letter will do. The small turkey-red cross stitched letters are some of my favorite monograms, but it's hard to pass up the beautiful white on white scrolled letters.  I also love when someone walks in the shop and their monogram is right on top of a pile of sheets and they get the biggest kick out of the fact that someone else actually stitched their monograms onto a sheet.  Some letters I see over and over - and some letters. like the letter K, are rarely seen in the French alphabet. As far as I know, this is because French is a Latin language and the letter K was rarely used in Greek words. And then there are the monogram ribbons....these were used to mark household linens and clothing before being sent out to be laundered. I bought a box full of these from my friend Elizabeth Baer years ago - and I am still digging through them to find initials I need!

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