Saturday, May 03, 2008

Weaving on Saturdays

I have started a weaving class at Barnsdall, our local art center in Hollywood.  Taught by a weaver that began weaving when weaving was cool - this class has made me want to run out and buy a huge floor loom and add a weaving room onto our house.  The first few classes we learned about the warp and how to "dress" the loom.  Threading the warp onto the loom is definitely tedious and time consuming - you can use any strong yarn, thread or string - I needed over 170 yards for a 12" wide x 72" long piece.  Now that almost everyone is on the loom, we are experimenting with different materials to weave the weft.  I actually decided to finish a piece that was started by someone a couple of years ago on one of the table looms.
So I have woven this simple piece with turquoise and green chenille, light blue cashmere and metallic thread.  One student in the class is cutting up old peach silk lingerie to weave into her warp - the possibilities are endless. I can't believe how quickly my piece has evolved - it's easy to fall into a relaxing rhythm and before you know it you've woven 20" or so.  Next I am going to try weaving a rug on one of the floor looms.


molly said...

gads, kar, it's GORGEOUS!!! i want it. Okay, i want the next one...just like it!! love that you've taken this up. i'm sure you'll own a loom soon (actually, i think there might be one in the garage...)

Kaari Marie said...

Thats amazing - I love it. Keep going.