Monday, May 12, 2008

Linen Sheets

Have you ever slept under a linen sheet? If not, you are missing out on one of the greatest experiences. Sleeping under a linen sheet regulates your body temperature which means you will get better REM sleep. Our bodies go through different warm and cool phases - when we get too warm, we sweat and eventually feel a chill. This constant hot and cold pattern causes some people to wake up throughout the night. A linen sheet absorbs the sweat which allows our body to sleep through the temperature changes.
The old linen sheets from France - the early ones - are some of the finest linen ever woven - a pure fil linen sheet is cool to the touch and yet, keeps you warm in the winter. The heavier hemp or nettle sheets also absorb moisture but they take a little bit of getting used to as they are heavily textured. I have gotten in the habit of taking my sheets with me when I travel - and now, poor Sofia, also packs a sheet when she travels. Linen sheets are not inexpensive - the old saying is true - you get what you pay for. So next time you find your self having a bad case of insomnia or simply want to treat yourself to the best night's sleep - put on a linen top sheet and you'll thank me in the morning.


The Gatherings said...

What a wonderful blog you have! You like so many of the same things I do. I enjoyed reading.

Maija said...

Sounds so luscious!!

molly said...

i'll thank you if you pack linen sheets for me on each trip!