Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Old Fruit

If you have ever longed for one of the fun, old hats from the forties - chances are it had some lovely old bit of celluloid fruit garnishing it. Bunches or clusters of old fruit are found at the bottom of the box usually - these are the delicate bits and pieces that were used to trim a springtime hat.
Old fruit was made out of all different materials - celluloid (a very thin plastic - which can become quite soft if it gets wet), felt, paper mache and silk. My favorite pieces are the old celluloid cherries - the colors are vibrant and you know they won't last forever - they are slowly disintegrating and will be gone forever...and ever.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this blog! Kick

Nerm said...

Hi Kaari-do you get tired of gushing fans? Well, I am a fan, but more I am a blogger and crafter. Just discovered your blog. My grandmother owned a ladies' dress shoppe from the 40'2 thru the 70's. I have so many millenery items: fruit, ribbon, feathers along with other goodies. Just can't bear to part with them. Like you and your beads-ha. Thanks for sharing. Nerm

Anonymous said...

I was expecting a picture of Quentin Crisp!