Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New York City Bound

I am off to New York today. It's a funny place to visit - since I lived there for over 15 years - it feels like home, even though I don't have an actual home there anymore. I am going with Molly to help her at the New York Stationery Show. For four fun-filled days, we will be inside the Jacob Javitz Center, acting like we wouldn't want to be any place else in the world! Meanwhile, I will be counting the minutes till 5:00 when we can walk down 11th Avenue and go eat at my favorite restaurant of all time...Raouls. Located on Prince Street, in the heart of Soho, Raouls is what the great old steakhouses were like in the forties and fifties...beautiful cuts of filet mignon covered with crispy, thin frites. If we're lucky, we'll get to sit across from the painting of the lounging naked lady - an oversized painting that makes you want to drink scotch on the rocks. Before we hit Raouls, Molly and I will stop off at Ladder 5 located on 6th Avenue just north of Prince Street. Ladder 5, our local firehouse, lost 11 men on September 11th - men we looked up to, admired and even waved to when we were feeling flirty.  I have a heavy heart when I return to New York - but I am looking forward to seeing friends and a city that is always changing but fits like a glove.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun Kaari. Wish I could be there with you girls! LH