Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bob Dylan

Today, with a little help from Molly, I remembered one of my favorite quotes....
"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do"....from the very fabulous, simple man - Bob Dylan.  
I used to keep this quote taped to the counter at French General in New York and I referred to it often.  Today, while we were digging, knee deep in the basement at Tinsel Trading, I realized how lucky I was to be doing exactly what I wanted to be doing.  When I met Marcia, from Tinsel, over 15 years ago, all I ever wanted to do was to get to the basement.  Today - as I ran up and down the stairs, covered in a layer of grime, I realized how lucky I was to be creating something exactly the way I had thought about it years ago.  It's funny when you get to a certain point in your life and you get to actually make decisions - how you want to live, work and play.  


Christina said...

now that's a great quote. i think i should tape it somewhere i can see it daily. love that you're digging and creating what you want and how you want! go you!

somepinkflowers said...

isn't it fun
when at the end of the day
you realize
that your day's work
was actually play?


this happens to me
when i spend the day in the garden.

**oh look
what all i did
while i was having fun**

A bird in the hand said...

which goes to prove that time is immaterial. You can't give up if what you want hasn't happened after a few years. sometimes you have to wait 15 years. I have to keep reminding myself of this very thing, so I'm happy to have read your post today.