Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods

Yesterday I had a group of Japanese women come to the shop - they were visiting Southern California to attend the International Quilt Festival, held in Long Beach. After much shopping, sign language and praise, they offered me a ticket to the festival. I had never been to the festival but was very interested since I will be attending the Quilt Market in Houston at the end of October.
The quilting world is huge - I had no idea. I spent the first 4 hours of the show walking the aisles, stopping at the vintage booths to admire the quilts and pick up a few scraps of old florals for inspiration. On my way out of the show, I noticed a booth that caught my eye, Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Not only was everything displayed by color, but I was amazed at the beautiful old and new stock of ribbons, trims, buttons, beads, patterns and pin cushions. I had to introduce myself to the owner, Susan Gower, I felt some sort of strange connection. I knew we both must have a love of the odd and unusual sewing notions.
According to Susan, "Nifty Thrifty has always been about the venerable in domestic useable art, the proven beauty of vintage “exquisitry” and the grace of antique notions."
I love it when what I do is validated by what someone else does - it makes me think that I am on the right track. Susan Gower has been selling vintage notions to the craft world for the past thirty years - which makes me think, she's on to something.
Visit Nifty Thrifty online or at one of the many shows they do - Susan will open up your eyes to a whole new world of craft. If you can't make it to one of her shows, be patient while she catches up with the 21st century and offers her goods online. It will be worth the wait.


L Melohn said...

Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods is one of my favorite stops when I go to the International Quilt Festival in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

I have known Susan for quite some time and she also has a great booth in Brimfield,Mass. Yes, it is nice to know there are other passionate and obsessive people like us out there who love ribbons etc.

Glad you & your jars made it thru the quake!

PamKittyMorning said...

I'm so happy to see your blog! I loved my visit to your shop ages ago and of course love love LOVE your books! I love Nifty Thrifty and look forward to Quilt Market for some shopping!

Maybe we'll see you there!

Anonymous said...

i came across nifty thrifty at the sewing expo in puyallup wa. it was my last vendor find, at the end of my shopping days- a most sad circumstance! it is wonderful!