Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Side Show

Every month I pull out a box of old beads and work on coming up with next months notion theme. I've got all this beautiful, old cranberry, amethyst and aurora borealis glass that I am going to incorporate into a turn of the century French traveling circus story. Old man in the moon beads mixed with brass elephants and horseshoe charms. I've even got some old mother of pearl horseshoes to throw into the mix. It's a beautiful palette, but one I don't use often because purple and I don't always get along. But, these old dusty, milky shades of lavender and lilac seem to fit perfectly with the dark red berry colors.
I'll also pull into the mix some mercury glass and old metallic heart sequins, and maybe even some old pressed glass bull dog cabachons with crystal eyes. A little bit of everything - it's going to be a mixed up crazy month of notions - all under one tent. Stay tuned for our new mix of Traveling Side Show inspirations - available as soon the family returns from la concha in San Sebastian.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaari!

Just wanted to let you know to keep up the great work! And I have always enjoyed all of your books. Give my best to Molly....and if you are ever in Houston ya'll always have a place to stay!

Debi (The Junkin' Yaya of Yaya Chique)

somepinkflowers said...


the man in the moon beads
make my heart swooon.

and the brass elephants, well,
i am coveting those, too...



{{ it will be wonderful,
your creation, i just know it }}