Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Day at the Prop House

We're getting ready to shoot our next entertaining book, so for inspiration and ideas, I spent some time at the local prop house here in Hollywood. Omega Cinema Props was built back in the 1960's and over the years they have acquired many of the smaller prop houses that used to be a staple in the film industry. Now, forty years later, Omega has the largest inventory of props anywhere in the entertainment industry. Three of their four locations are all located together on Santa Monica Boulevard - three huge warehouses that you could spend hours and hours getting lost in. I headed straight for the kitchen and dining area and was amazed to see the staggering amount of cups, plates, flatware, copper pots, teapots and cutting boards! I felt like I was rummaging through a really good antique shop - made better by the fact that everything was organized by category and time period. Omega also offers custom upholstery and window treatments. With an unlimited budget, you could create a 19th century French chateau kitchen in your own home....wouldn't that be something!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic place to get lost in. Thanks for taking us along on some of your jaunts. I especially loved the lavendar farm, what a beautiful day you shared.
Smiles, Heather

Kathy said...

I love Omega. I consulted on several set designs over the past year and have loved "shopping" here. Thanks for the beautiful tour!

Anonymous said...

love it can we have egg salad sandwich and bring our American girl dolls and what about honey bees?

sofia and mike

Nicole Morell said...

Hi Kaari - I just discovered your blog through a comment your sister left on mine. I've been enjoying Molly's posts and curious about the references to her sister, I followed a link et voila, I'm here. What a beautiful world you've created. Last year we were planning a big summer party and while looking for inspiration I remembered a gorgeous spread I'd seen once in a Martha Stewart magazine. I spent hours poring over back issues trying to find the image that made such an impact. Turns out it was French General! The image with the table dressed in layered cloths was the inspiration for a party our friends are still talking about. It is so very nice to meet you!