Friday, July 04, 2008

* Independence Day * New York Style *

Tonight, Molly and I are going to a roof garden to watch the fireworks set off over the East River. The Grucci brothers have been in the fireworks business since 1850. The first person in the family who started the business, is thought to be Angelo Lanzetta. Legend has it that he was an apprentice to an Italian fireworks family. He then went to America and passed the trade on to his son, whose nephew came into the business as an apprentice. This family of firework makers continues to make everyone oohh and aahh every year. Happy Fourth of July!

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Christina said...

and as a footnote.. my family has a big 4th of july party of the 3rd of july every year, which is the day the Grucci brothers set off fireworks for New Jersey! Hope you had a lovely one!