Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back in San Sebastian

Well, I have returned to San Sebastian to finish off the last bit of our summer holiday. Sitting in an old tapas bar last night, I felt as if I were back home. I am torn between Spain and France. When I am in France I feel the history of the land and when I am in Spain I feel the history of the Zabala family. Luckily both cultures are woven with the preparing and serving of the food and wine. Fish, cheese, bread, vegetables and vino...they are all staples in both countries. We celebrated JZ's 45th birthday at his favorite restaurant, Marinela, in the puerto on Paseo de la Muelle. Marinela's serve grilled sardines and more grilled sardines - with french fries and salad on the side and a bottle of the local cider, Txakoli. At the end of the meal, I had eaten 2 sardines and JZ had eaten 14 - nothing better than starting the year off right.

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