Sunday, July 05, 2009

Day Two at Chateau Dumas

The breakfast bell was rung at 7 and we awoke to a wonderful meal of fresh baked croissants, home made jam and coffee. Everyone piled into the coach and we sped away to St. Antonin for the early Sunday morning farmer's market. About 30 farmers come into to town every week to offer up their finest fois gras, bread, vegetables and fruit. We had a great time tasting some of the local flavor - as well as buying the melons, fruit mustard and fresh honey. With baskets full, we headed back to the chateau to drop off our market finds in the kitchen.
The flea market in Toulouse happens on the first full weekend of every month - Friday through Sunday. The vendors are local folks who have been selling their wares at this particular market for years - so there is a great air of friendship and familiarity throughout the loop. (The market is set up in a loop - like a track field with a sausage and frites "kitchen" at either end). Everyone went to work immediately - hunting for old textiles and digging for small treasures. Lizzie helped out with the French bargaining and I did my best with a pad of paper and a a bit of "Bon prix s'il vous plait" I think the vendors were happy to see us all and everyone in our group walked away with some great treasures.


Suburban Stitcher said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL time!

Elaine from L.A. said...

Another sigh :~) "word verification" is "manger" :~)

Anybetty said...

oh my! I'm just heartbroken I couldn't come. It all looks so wonderful!!


mimi charmante said...

Clearly I need to book in for this next year. How on earth are these ladies ever going to leave after such an amazing week???