Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Chateau Wrap-Up

It's taken me about a week to come down off of the chateau cloud - there were just so many interesting days and wonderful people that were involved. I think Cathy M. said it best when she wrote that although she had never been to summer camp before - she had a feeling that when our week together in France ended - it must have been a similar feeling to leaving camp. Actually, Cathy has written a wonderful daily journal about the trip - and if she doesn't mind (??) you can read more here. Her photographs and descriptions of our days in France are a wonderful look back at our week together.

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hol said...

Thank-you, for sharing the journey, Kaari! And Cathy, thank-you for sharing your amazing photos..., super journal!
The 'woad' dying produce's a blue that I never in my mind could visualize. Breathtaking! OXOX, Hol