Monday, July 13, 2009

Vive la France!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful images. I especially love the sunflowers!

Alice and Co said...

I hope next time you will come discover all the wonderfull secrets of "La Bretagne", here too we have brocantes on sunday mornings and lots of neat places to visit.
I would love to meet you and thanks to you even discovered what the word "Rouanneries" was (I ordered your fabric!!).
Emmanuelle (Alice and Co)

Carole said...

Makes me want to visit France.

I know you're having a wonderful time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Please plan another getaway as soon as possible - I have followed this trip everyday and would love to join you on your next one! I hear a rumor that one is planned for the fall - please post more information as soon as you have the date set. Thank you for your inspiring blog!

Christine said...

Are you walking around humming "Heaven..I'm in heaven.."? I would be.what wonderful images~enjoy your trip :)

Anonymous said...

What lovely images! I was so sorry to miss the Chateau getaway week with you, but was thrilled to take the Millinery Masterclass with Dillon Wallwork at Chateau Dumas the following week.

I was glad to arrive a day early so that I could share in the final two days with the Getaway group. It was a pleasure to meet you and most of the participants!

Kaari, I hope you can stop by my Website for a peek at the Millinery Masterclass. It was fabulous and Chateau Dumas the perfect setting for inspiration!

Maybe, I will be able to join another adventure with you in the future.

I still am in heaven from the millinery adventure in France!

Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm