Monday, July 20, 2009

Sofia Loren

When I was ten years old, I prayed that I would have a daughter that I could name after Sofia Loren. This afternoon, as we were walking through the puerto in San Sebastian and I took this photograph of Sofia, I knew I had my very own Sofia Loren. Whether she's ordering a Kas Limon from the tapas bar or tanning herself on the beach, I am so proud that she has been able to acclimate into both of her worlds - my Southern California culture and JZ's Spanish culture. She's been taking her Spanish classes everyday and hopefully she will be ready to spend a year studying here - I guess I'll have to make the sacrifice and move to San Sebastian for a year...oh woes me!


Rose Brier Studio said...
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Rose Brier Studio said...

Wonderful photo. I hope she gets to spend a year in Spain. At 11, I hoped for a daughter I could name after a fav book character. I got my Emmy Rose, so glad you got your Sofia Loren.
ps oops I goofed the first time I posted a comment.

lesley said...

I am loving this journey with you
I feel I am there.
Unrelated question. In which issue of Victoria did the photoshoot you did in Jan 2009 appear. It is not always easy to obtain Victoria at my local newstand and I wonder if I have missed it. x Lesley

Unknown said...

Oh what a great find with your lovely site. Cool photograph of your daughter and sounds like you are all having such a delightful time.
Travel blessings and Happy Twirls